Vernacular visual culture in the mid-late 1990’s

Vernacular visual culture in the mid-late 1990’s. Between the crash of the New York Stock Exchange in 1929 and the defeat of the Spanish Republican brigades by General Francisco Franco in 1939 gay culture suffered from dual setbacks: economic depression and the rise of powerful right wing governments In Italy, German and Spain economic hardship played into the hands of the fascists whose conservative ultranationalism preached state control of everything including media, art and sex. In Germany, Adolf Hitler was named chancellor in 1933 and quickly set about closing gay bars, lesbian magazines as well as the study and advocacy institute, which Magnus Hirschfield had created. Hitler ordered the library of the institute burned.

Vernacular visual culture in the mid-late 1990’s

Do some research on an area of gay vernacular visual culture between the 1930’s and the early 1990’s.  For example you could look at paperback novel covers, Physique magazines, underground erotica, images from magazines put out by groups such as the Daughters of Bilitis or gay rights posters. Tell us about the context in which these image were produced: who produced the images, who was the intended audience, was the imagery coded or not, how were they distributed.  Post at least three images with all the relevant information you can find.

Your post should be approximately 300 words. 

Your posts should show your knowledge of the unit materials, should add new ideas to the discussion or advance the discussion.

When you are responding to the questions from the course material, cite artworks whenever possible—mentioning the artist, title and date or period so everyone will know which work you are referencing.
When posting images please be sure to include the artist, title of the art work and what period or culture it comes from if this is not obvious. Museum websites and Artstor are the best sources for images and the related information.

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