Veni Vidi Vici Vimy (Vimy Ridge for Canada)

Veni, Vidi, Vici Vimy (following the outline plan given in 3. 10) Introduction Paragraph: – World War 1, defining moment for Canadian nationalism. Did not escape unscathed, but the participation in the war gave a stronger sense of nationhood. – Canada’s contributions into WWI led to international recognition; other countries must recognize you as sovereign. – The effort also brought acknowledgement to Canada’s contributions and heroism on the battlefields of Europe, giving Canada the shot to be a more-mature, experienced nation because of the sacrifices made by their armed forces. The Battle at Vimy Ridge was the greatest assertion in Canadian sovereignty in WWI. Body Paragraph 1: – Canada stepped up to the plate because of their ties to Britain; originally, wanted nothing to do with the World War, but a sense of duty and owing Britain their help through the war persuaded them otherwise. – Alliances and history tied many countries together. If one got pulled into the war, others did too. Something like a chain-reaction. Canada did not have much reason to fight, other than Britain called for the aid they had promised earlier; Canada thought they might escape untouched by the war, but they lost many citizens, materials, family, loved ones and experienced the financial loss that war brings. Canada also had to bear knowing many of their people were overseas, far from home, fighting for someone else’s war. – Fought and participated in many battles, with one of the most prominent being their victory at Vimy Ridge. Body Paragraph 2: – From July to mid-November 1916, the Battle of the Somme claimed 24,029 Canadian casualties.
Greater loss than expected. It also gave Canadian units the reputation of a formidable assault force. – Canadians’ first taste of the Battle of the Somme occurred when they were asked to secure the town of Courcelette, France. November 11, the Canadian Division finally secured most of the German trenches in Courcelette and then rejoined the Canadian Corps at Vimy Ridge. – Prime Minister Lloyd George: “The Canadians played a part of such distinction that thenceforward they were marked out as shock troops; for the remainder of the war they were brought along to head the assault in one great battle after another.
Whenever the Germans found the Canadian Corps coming into the line they prepared for the worst. ” Body Paragraph 3: – April 12, Hill 145 fell, Vimy Ridge was won over by Canadian troops. The whole plan was entirely devised by Canada and was independent of British thoughts. – The success in the capture of the ridge earned Canada a reputation of great strength and accomplishment, and it was also the first time that Canada had ever planned its own attack without British help. It was the first step towards Canada’s independence and sovereignty. Even under British rule, Canadian troops planned, rehearsed, followed through, and defeated the Germans at Vimy Ridge under the command of Canadian officers and officials. – Although the victory came with a great cost, with more than 10,000 killed and wounded, it helped prove Canada in front of other world countries. Concluding Paragraph: – I believe that the effort put into it by Canada gave the world a chance to recognize Canada’s contributions and heroism after the battles they fought and won on the European battlefields. Canada was given the chance to be perceived as a mature, wiser nation through the sacrifices it made during the war. – The Battle at Vimy ridge was the exceptional proclamation of Canadian sovereignty in WWI. – World War 1 was an interpreting moment for Canadian nationalism in many ways and instances. Although Canada didn’t make it through the war untouched or without dissension, our role in the war gave us a greater and stronger sense of nationhood.

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