Vegan vs Vegetarian

Vegan And Vegetarian Being a vegan in many ways could help the world from suffering the hunger and many more issue such as the global warming, because veganism ideology doesn’t to use even an animal product and not to eat all kind of meat. But sometimes, a vegan mostly becomes an activist of the animal rights, and even worse a vegan sometimes can become very fanatic, for example some of them won’t come to movies which contain an animal in the play, because they know that the animal was being pushed to do the exact scenario.
While being a vegetarian is consuming non-meat food, but still can consume any dairy product, such as milks and eggs. And being a vegetarian is only a belief for some people who usually become a vegetarian for some primary target, sometimes it could be to be healthy or for diets only, because based on the research, being a vegetarian is the healthiest diets ever after being a vegan which is healthier. Since being a vegan is more difficult than being a vegetarian, and then I myself assume that most of vegan people must be started from being a vegetarian.
So being a vegan is a higher class above a vegetarian, it’s like being a vegan is taking a next step from being a vegetarian, but still there are many people who does be a vegan immediately, means they don’t start from being a vegetarian. In addition, if every people in the world is being vegans, then the world would never suffering the hunger and the stocks of the food can be multiplied by 3, because the food that we used to raised dairy animal isn’t equal to the result of the meat.