Value-Based Healthcare Model (VBC) and Financial Implications

 you will be assigned a topic related to Value-Based Healthcare and Financial Implications by the instructor.  You will first read the assigned article, investigate further references on the topic to strengthen their argument based on the following questions 

1. What have you learned from Value-Based Healthcare Model? (Focus on your assigned article)
2. How does your article ties to the value-based and evidence-based models of healthcare?
3. Identify potential healthcare financial models to reduce healthcare cost, and improve outcomes (patients’ experience and engagement, providers’ productivity, and services’ efficiency)? 
4. Find one or two additional references (examples) to your assigned topic. What current healthcare industry related examples can best demonstrate the content of your topic? 
5. Are there any current problems to the proposed model (Value-Based Model), and any potential opportunities to change the model to fit the current needs of patients and the healthcare industry? 
6. How can data play a role in the VBC Model? 

In this project, students must concentrate on how the Value-Based Care was addressed, how widespread is it, how it is used, and how impacted patients receiving healthcare services, hospitals/providers provided healthcare services and communities healthcare in general. For this project, materials from Center of Human Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Accountable Care Organization, National Institute of Health and/or other national healthcare and policy organizations including private insurances must be considered and used. 
Please put your findings into a +/- 10-page paper, with a cover sheet, references, and table of content separately.   Please put everything in APA format.  Single spaced and 11pt.

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