Use of Theory. (Please follow the instructions)

(I need help of my presentation to cover all the questions below, I think 4-5 pages will be fair enough, NO Power point NO citation or references required)
Use of Theory 
Define Quantitative Theory __________________________________________________
Define Qualitative Theory_______________________________________________________
Qualitative Theory Vs Quantitative Theory________________________________________________
Define Mixed Method ___________________________________________________________
Define Variables _____________________________________________________________
Variables often measured in Studies include _______________________________________
Variables are distinguished by two characteristics __________________, ______________________
Define Temporal order ____________________________________________________
Define the following Variables:
Independent Variables________________________________________________, Give an example
Dependent Variables____________________________________________________, Give an example
Intervening or mediating Variables________________________________________, Give an example
Moderating Variables_________________________________________________, Give an example
Define Theory _________________________________________________________________
The theory would provide __________________________________________________
Define theories at three level:
Micro-level __________________________________________________________
Macro-level _________________________________________________________
Researchers state their theories in research proposals in several ways, such as – Define 
Series of hypotheses _______________________________________________
If-then logic statements ______________________________________________
Visual models ____________________________________________________

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