Use of budget systems including: Line-Item Budgeting

Use of budget systems including: Line-Item Budgeting. Public Sector Financial Management: Project :Using the available literature, compare and contrast the use of budget systems including: Line-Item Budgeting; Planning Programming Budgeting Systems (PPBS) and Planning Programming Budgeting and Execution (PPBE); and, Performance-Based Budgeting in terms of their main elements and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.


1- Use any part of the paper attached “Budgeting Systems’ paper” but you should rewrite any part by your own words.
2- Use the “Marking Guide” below to improve the paper.
3- Use more than 10 references (Quality of sources (peer-reviewed journals, etc.) look at number 2 of “Marking Guide” below.
4- Word Count 4000 – excluding references
5- You can use the book attached “Canadian Public-Sector Financial Management Third Edition. By Graham, Andrew”

Use of budget systems including: Line-Item Budgeting

Marking Guide
1. Statement of Problem or Issue
A clear statement of the issue or problem to be examined including adequate background on the origin or development of the issue and evidence that a resolution to the issue would be of value. Alternatively, a statement of the question to be answered including the nature, source and importance of the question.
2. Research
Examination of the literature on this or related issues. Marks will be determined by the comprehensiveness of research (alternative viewpoints) and the quality of sources (peerreviewed journals, etc.).Alternatively for identification of data from acceptable, objective sources for further analysis and identification of acceptable methodology with proven application for analysis of the data,
3. Analysis or Organization of Material
Use of rigorous or logical analysis of material in a well-organized argument or mathematically correct approach to reaching a conclusion. Material should be organized to include the most relevant references in developing either a methodology for analysis or in conducting that analysis.
4. Statement of Outcome
A clear statement of the outcome of the analysis, related directly back to the original problem/issue statement including any aspects not resolved by the analysis and implications for public policy or understanding.
5. Writing
For clarity, pointedness and brevity of expression. Writing style should be direct and
focussed on the issue at hand.

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