Use Excel to develop a Gantt chart

Use Excel to develop a Gantt chart

Use Excel to develop Gantt chart

The National Oceanic Research Institute is planning a research study on global warming in Antarctica. The major tasks and their durations and precedent activities are shown in Table 1 below. The Table also shows the budget expenditures of each activity. For example, activity A, preliminary plan, costs $3,000 and lasts for 3 weeks, such that, each week, the cost is $1,000. On the other hand, activity I, additional equipment, costs $20,000, lasts for 3 weeks, but $10,000 needs to be paid in the first week while $5,000 is paid in the second and third week .












Solve all the questions using Excel


How do you create a Gantt chart in Excel?



Part 1 (time Planning)

  • Use Excel to develop
    1. Gantt chart
    2. AoN network
    3. Use the AoN calculation to find the total and free slacks. (please summarize your answer in a table format)
  • Use project plan 360 to confirm your Excel calculations

Part 2(resource planning)

  • Use Excel to develop resource histogram for each resource
  • Use project plan 360 to develop a resource histogra

Part 3(EVM)

Use Excel only for the required calculations


Q1 Scheduling:


  • Calculate the project minimum duration.
  • Calculate the slack time of each activity.
  • Identify the critical path(s).




Q2 Costing:


  • Develop a time-cost curve for the above project


Q3 Earned value management


  • At the end of week 6, information about the project was collected as shown in Table 2. Calculate the missing information in the table: Earned Value (EV), Planned Value (PV) of each activity, Cost Variance (CV), and Schedule Variance (SV).
  • Calculate the Cost Performance Index (CPI) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI).
  • Predict the Estimated Cost at Completion (EAC) and the project expected duration.




NOTE: Kindly submit the excel sheet and project 360 with all solutions.