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US Foreclosures Feasibility Project

US Foreclosures Feasibility Project.
The dependent variable, U. S. Foreclosures Filings, is used in the cause and affect relationship presented wrought the project. The following independent variables will be used to determine the most significant factor in U. S. Foreclosure filings. This data is collected every month from more than 2,200 countless by [email protected] Realty'[email protected] compiles this nationwide data and reports a count of the total number of properties with at least one foreclosure filing reported. Primary Independent Variable: a.
Rising Unemployment Rising unemployment rates is the primary Independent variable because I believe that as the national employment rate continues to rise so will the number of foreclosure filings. The data used to represent the relationship was provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and collected monthly. The first resource that solidifies my belief comes from commoner. Com. Less Christie describes in the article, “Mounting Job Losses Fueling Foreclosures,” the correlation between unemployment rates and the rise In U.
S. Foreclosures. He explains that the more individuals lose their jobs the more the delinquency trend will continue. (Christie, 2008) In the article, “2008 Foreclosure Filings Set Record,” Stephanie Armor recognizes the relationship between Job loss and foreclosure lings. She clarifies that even though Interest rates decreased, the number of those filing for foreclosure continued to rise between 2007 and 2008 resulting in an 81% increase.

The former federal deputy Housing Commissioner under President Clinton is quoted saying, “with foreclosures continuing to rise and the economy in a downward spiral, It’s not surprising you see Increased foreclosure because of Increased unemployment. ” (Armor, 2009) Independent Variables: a. Divorce (XX: DIVORCE)- Divorce is another leading cause in the number of the family and they then run the risk of foreclosure. This data was compiled through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention & National Center for Health Statistics.

US Foreclosures Feasibility Project

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