Urgent Work – Prompt Paper – 10 Hours Please

Writing Task
Using concepts and details from the three readings below, write an essay that explains some of the important issues surrounding the topic of grade inflation. As you know, each of the texts explores different issues related to grade inflation. However, grade inflation is a very broad topic and a synthesis paper is not a summary of each author’s entire article. Instead, you must explain the topic by showing connections among the texts and organizing your paper around common themes. This means that not everything the author writes in his or her article will be relevant to your essay. Additionally, a synthesis requires that you do not express your opinion in the paper. Instead, you should provide an objective account of the information you have collected from the readings. 
The best way to accomplish this is to organize your paper by IDEAS rather than sources. To do this, it is important to be able to answer the following questions:
1) How do the texts relate to each other? Do they discuss common ideas?
2) In what ways do the texts support or agree with one another? Do the texts share 
similar ideas about this topic?
3) Are there places where the ideas in the texts contradict or disagree with one another?
Content and Organization
I. Introductory Section – Present a general overview of the issue
a. Give background information about the topic/issue
b. Briefly Introduce the ideas you will be explaining in the paper
II. Body Paragraphs – Focus on developing your paragraphs around (3-4) IDEAS rather than sources
III. Concluding Section – Remind readers of the purpose of your paper. Recap how the authors have helped better explain the issue developed in your essay
Remember: You can use as many paragraphs as you need for each part of the paper.
You are writing in a semi-academic tone for fellow students. Imagine you are educating these students on the various aspects of grade inflation. 
Paper Length and Format
· Have an original title
· 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one-inch margins
· 4 pages long, not including the References page
· Include a References page in APA format that references the three articles you discuss
· PDF file format with filename: P2-D1_Lastname, Firstname

Reading 1 Attached, Reading 2 Attached
Reading 3:

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