Urbanization Pros and Cons and society

Urbanization Pros and Cons and society. Urbanization is the terms used in reference to the increase in the proportion of people living in cities and towns. Simply, urbanization can be termed as the relocation of populations from the rural areas to the urban areas. In most common driver of urbanization is the search for employment opportunities because most of the industries and government agencies are always located in cities and towns. Urbanization has been praised and criticized in almost equal measures because it has both advantages and disadvantages. This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of urbanization.

One of the advantages that are associated with urbanization is the convenience of services and goods. As a result of moving to an urban area is that there is always easy access to services such as healthcare, banking, education, social services, cultural services, and others. The thing is the service providers have an easier time when it comes to enhancing their capacity and technologies because there are the numbers to offers the services to (Kim & Kim, 2016). Additionally, offering such services costs less because of the economies of scale involved and the ease at which they get human capital. Therefore, those moving to urban areas will always enjoy better services.

Urbanization Pros and Cons

Urbanization also drives the economies of many countries because it makes labor available at the point of production. For instance, there are towns that develop because of industrialization. When industries emerge, they always need human resources that might surpass what they can get in the geographical location. Therefore, urbanization avails more human resources.

When people have access to urban areas, they have a greater opportunity for advancing economically. This might not only be as a result of the employment opportunities but also as a result of the access to markets. Because of the high number of people living in urban areas, they are always more suitable for entrepreneurship as compared to the rural areas. This is the reason why many people would choose to do business in urban areas as compared to the rural areas. Furthermore, when people come to urban areas, they are subjected to better amenities because of the pooling of the taxes that they pay so that they can get better infrastructure, facilities, and services from the governments.

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