United States History


Read Chapter 24 

When you have completed the chapter, provide a response for both questions below and post a thoughtful and complete answer in your own words (absolute minimum 1 paragraph). Respond to one classmate who selected a different prompt than yours.

Why did the United States remain uninvolved in European affairs while fascism was on the rise during the 1930s? Was the mood of the American people understandable or should the United States have acted sooner to intervene in Europe before the Second World War broke out?

3. In what ways did the Second World War create conditions that furthered minority efforts to achieve equality? How did some whites greet these efforts? Do you think the war generally benefited, harmed, or had little impact on civil rights issues in the nation?
ALL CLASS QUESTION: Must be answered for full chapter credit

After viewing these two short videos, provide your input to the class as to how and why Hitler was able to sway, convince, manipulate, and control the masses of Germany and his own inner circle, to accomplish his vision for the world. What were the conditions in the country, what was the state of mind of the citizenry that facilitated his objectives?

A tag line that is associated with the Holocaust ( and Nazi Germany on the whole) is “Never Again,”  and we say this with conviction so as to assure, perhaps ourselves (?) that we are somehow smarter now, more diligent, more involved, that we would not let such a thing happen.

But, has it happened since in any scale or fashion?

Could this happen again, in any country? 

Could this happen in America?

 … food for thought my dear students… we must never be so complacent as to think the world revolves either around us or without us……..

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