United Kingdom Dream to Profitability

United Kingdom Dream to Profitability. Nobody doubts the British Empower was the most successful empower the world has ever known the last one century. During the recent G7 meeting in Paris France, in the series of seminar of the seven (7) world biggest economies, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the following words “UK undertook the most profitable business deals in the last 100 years” in his opening remarks.

I bet to differ on this statement due to the following facts;

  • British empower was engaged in colonization across Africa, Asia, and Even North America, this is not an ethical business empower that can equate to the business deal he was talking about.
  • Slavery is not business empower
  • You cannot make profit by disenfranchising the marginalized in African and especially East Africa and call it Business Empire
  • Taking land by force does not amount to business empower
  • Forcing people to work for you is not a business deal.

UK premier need to check his fact well and offer an apology on behalf of his great grandfather to the people who lost their properties due to the colonial ambitious plan of the British Empower that happened during the 18th and 19th Century.

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