unit 4 statistic


In this assignment, you will compile your previous analysis into a single documents and combine that with a brief summary of research on heart rate and exercise.

Research the Herzing library for articles on the relationship between heart rate and exercise.
S Identify at least three reliable sources that will help you explain the usefulness of data collected from men and women on their heart rate before and after exercise.
Use your previous assignments (Unit 1 through Unit 3) to write a paper that describes the research you found in your library search.
Be sure to include examples from your library search and explain why the Heart Rate data could (or could not) be used for similar research.
You can copy and paste sections from your previous assignments directly into the assignment.
Additional Instructions:
Your assignment should be typed into a Word or other word processing document, formatted in APA style. The assignments must include

Running head
A title page
Three to five pages of text, tables, and graphs
An APA references page

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