Unit 4 Discussions

Unit 4 DB: New Hire Experience/Onboarding(HRM)
New employment encourages the heart and motivates the spirit to learn and grow…to be part of something bigger and achieve one’s goals and purpose.  A new job is a significant chapter in each of our lives, and the hopes and dreams we have for our future are closely aligned with our job satisfaction.   First impressions count!
Discuss the importance of the new hire process:

What is the importance of the new hire/onboarding experiences?  What are the benefits of a productive new hire experience for the employee and the employer? Cited academic data required along with personal observations.
What have your experiences been on a new job?  Did you feel welcomed and receive proper training?
Does your organization strive to maximize the newcomer spirit?

Unit 4 Forum: Torts (LAW)

WARNING: Do NOT ‘copy and paste’ or ‘paraphrase’ excessively another student’s original answer. This is a form of plagiarism and will NOT be tolerated. You may refer to another student’s work in your student reply posts if proper credit is given to the original poster / student.

Post in this Forum as follows:

In your opinion, why is there a Law of Torts?
Do you agree or disagree with the decision in the “McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case”?  (A link to this Case is in the Unit) Explain your opinion.

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