Union discussion

I need a 150-word comment on my class mate’s discussion, for this discussion I’m pro union and he is not. I need something that why union is good to have.
Marquis posted 
I have heard this phrase growing up.  My mother work in a shirt factory for 30 years and she always talked about the “Union”.  Did not really understand the concept, but she really thought it help her and the fellow workers out.  I think growing up during the times that my parents did you probably needed something in place for the voice of the people.  I remember her talking about how the union helped out with solving some racial problems some workers encountered at the job.  So during those times in the late 60’s and early 70’s, unions was probably a good thing during those times, especially in the South.  I think times have changed for the better. 
I think when the management of companies started incorporating workers more in decision making, this made unions more obsolete and more of a hassle.  The union personnel do not have many complaints because leadership and management are keeping their best interest in mind. Things we have learned in this course could be applied to all situations, making having a union a waste of money and time.  From my point of view, I think unions hurt more than help, but talking with my mother I can see how it help them during their times in the workplace.  

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