Understanding and Managing Behaviour in Organisations

Understanding and Managing Behaviour in Organisations. Choose one type of contemporary organisational change (such as the growth of homeworking, knowledge work or gig/platform work) and evaluate some of the key ways in which this change is affecting behaviour within organisations. In doing so, use two broad topics covered in the course (such as leadership, organisational culture, power/politics etc.).
You have a free choice regarding both the type of change you focus on, as well as the issues/topics that you focus on.
Important points to note:
• Your essay should adopt a conventional essay structure <link is hidden> introduction, main body of essay and discussion followed by conclusion.
• Your essay should begin by describing the type of organisational change being examined, and its key characteristics, before considering the focal challenges.
• You must indicate the wordcount on your essay.
• Please use the Harvard internal citation style. For example, (Ehsani, 2010, p.135).
• In addition to the textbook and the lecture materials, you can use the following references as
guidance. However, you are strongly recommended to use other resources which would help you further develop a convincing and strong argument.

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