Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The book Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which was first published between 1851 and 1852, was written by a renowned anti-slavery crusader and author, Harriet Beecher Stow and it was received with acclamation and was also considered a masterpiece in its time. The author is accredited for writing a book that has been said to be a major contributor of the Civil War. The author herself grew up witnessing the passionate slavery debates and thus she held tight to her abolitionist ideologies. From the onset of the book it is clear that the author generally writes to convince the Northern readership on the need to end slavery.
She exposes the horrors of the ongoing slavery that was predominant in the south. Stowe does not shy away from expressing her religious views by emphasizing the importance of Christian love in order to tackle oppression. The author also in this book also propels her feminist’s views and thus portrays women as an equal gender in the society. One of the strengths that the book harbors is the impact it had on the society and also the understanding that one gains of the factors that led to the war.
However, a weakness of the book can be found on the author herself since it can be argued that the author’s limited experience of life in the southern area made her to have an inaccurate description of the region. However, looking at the strengths of the book it is easier to see how they outweigh the weaknesses. The book is hailed as one that captures the wild imagination of many Americans and its rich historical context of the events that led to the civil war portrays the book in good light.

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