In Unit II, police organization and operations, as well as the organizational history of police and sheriff’s departments are addressed. This presentation provides you with an opportunity to explore these topics further.
Your presentation must:

outline the organizational history of police and sheriff’s departments,
summarize communication systems within criminal justice organizations, and
compare communication systems used by police and sheriff’s departments to communication systems used by another criminal justice organization.

You must use at least two scholarly sources from the CSU Online Library in your presentation. Please contact your professor or a librarian if you have any questions about locating sources.
Your presentation must be at least 10 slides in length, not including title and reference slides. Below is the suggested format for your presentation:

Title (slide 1)
Organizational History (slides 2-4)
Communication Systems Summary (slides 5-8)
Communication Systems Comparison (slides 9-11)
References (slide 12)

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