Uber: Feeling the Heat From Competitors

Uber: Feeling the Heat From Competitors and Regulators Worldwide. Innovations and technological advancements have changed the market structure of economies across the globe. The emergence of business models based on sharing of assets has had a disruptive effect across almost all sectors. Notably, the growing importance of the sharing economy has created a situation wherein the online marketplace has distorted the understanding of economic relations between businesses, producers and consumers.

This has led to several legal disputes across the globe and the case of Uber is particularly prominent in this regard. Uber has been under the radar of traditional taxi providers, drivers as well as consumers who have filed complaints/lawsuits against the company levying allegations of anti-competitive behavior.

In the basic assignment, you are to pick out what YOU think are the KEY issues and make recommendations, applying class theory on the way. That’s it. Some of the key issues might arise in the questions at the end of the case, but I can’t guaranty that.The grading criteria (below) serve to give you a clear understanding of how I will evaluate the cases.

Uber: Feeling the Heat

Although this might seem ambiguous, please understand that after 25 years of being in the business world, I can assure you that your boss will not say "Is this true or false" or "Should I do A,B,C,D, or All of the Above?" So…I believe that a key to your professional success will lie in your ability to pick out the KEY issues (there are many issues that are less important…so choosing the critical one(s) will be very important) and address them with logical recommendations that answer the "why" (and not just "I think/feel").

I know that doing this well will require time and effort, but believe me – this experiential exercise creates A LOT of work for me as I do read each and every one- but I feel obliged to do this, as it might help you develop as a professional, and isn’t that what we are supposed to be dong here?

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