From this website, Please select Maternal, Infant, and Child Health, and research for Colorado, and complete the following. 
Health Disparities     
For this discussion:    
 •Review Leading Health Indicators on the HealthyPeople Web site listed above.   

•Select one of the health indicators and respond to the following:  (Maternal, Infant, and Child Health)  

◦How prevalent is this issue in your community or workplace?   

◦What community health promotion strategies are in place to assist with this issue?   

◦What pharmacological agents are typically used to treat the issue? Is there a particular procedure performed in conjunction with the drugs?   

◦How do you educate the group of patients? 

◦  What cultural factors or barriers contribute to the group’s health disparity?   

◦Are the outcomes being measured? If so, how? If not, how might they be measured?    

•Support your observations and strategies with information found in this week’s reading assignment and the scholarly literature
Minimum of 150 words. Needs at least 1 APA formatted reference throughout the assignment and one as a reference

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