Type of ANOVA would you use for the studies

Type of ANOVA would you use for the studies.

  1. Measure the self-esteem of the same group of college students at the beginning, middle and end of their freshman year.
  2. Compare math skills for three different professional groups: physicians, attorneys and psychologists.
  3. Measure Body Mass Index (BMI) for persons who take Supplement X vs. a placebo and who either exercise regularly or don’t. So there are four groups: 1) Exercise/Take Supplement X, 2) Don’t Exercise/Take Supplement X, 3) Exercise/Take Placebo, 4) Don’t Exercise/Take Placebo
  4. Look at satisfaction with mental health services based on the client’s ethnicity (White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Other) and how they were greeted on their initial visit (receptionist smiles or does not smile).

#9.  What information does a correlation coefficient convey?
#10.  State whether each of the following is an example of a positive correlation or a negative correlation.

  1. Higher education level is associated with a larger annual income.
  2. Increased testosterone is associated with increased aggression.
  3. The smaller the class size, the more students believe they are receiving a quality education.
  4. Rising prices of apples are associated with the sale of fewer apples.

Type of ANOVA would you use for the studies

#11.  Which is the predictor variable (X) and which is the criterion variable (Y) for each of the following examples?

  1. A researcher tests whether the size of an audience can predict the number of mistakes a student makes during a classroom presentation.
  2. A military officer tests whether the duration of an overseas tour can predict the morale among troops overseas.
  3. A social psychologist tests whether the size of a toy in cereal boxes can predict preferences for that cereal.
Ice Cream Flavor Preference by Gender

  Men Women Marginal Row Totals
Vanilla 15 10 25
Chocolate 30 5 35
Marginal Column Totals 45 15 60    (Grand Total)

The chi-square statistic is 5.143. The p-value is .0233. This result is significant at p < .05.
#12. The chart above shows male and female preferences for vanilla vs. chocolate ice cream among men and women.

  1. What percent of men prefer chocolate over vanilla? ________
  2. What percent of women prefer chocolate over vanilla? ________
  3. Report the results of the statistical test in plain language:

#13. The calculator at this link will allow you to perform a one-way chi-square or “goodness of fit test”:

Fifty students can choose between four different professors to take Introductory Statistics. The number choosing each professor is shown below. Use the calculator above to test the null hypothesis that there is no preference for professors — that there is an equal chance of choosing each of them. Report your results including chi-square, degrees of freedom, p-value and your interpretation. Use an alpha level of .05. Be careful not to over interpret – state only what the test result tells you.

Professor N
Dr. Able 20
Dr. Baker 8
Dr. Chavez 14
Dr. Davis 8

#14. Match these non-parametric statistical tests with their parametric counterpart by putting the corresponding letter on the line.
_____ Friedman test
_____ Kruskal-Wallis H test
_____ Mann-Whitney U test
_____ Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks T test
A: Paired-sample t-test
B: Independent-sample t-test
C: One-way ANOVA, independent samples
D: One-way ANOVA, repeated measures

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