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Two Methods of Weightloss

Two Methods of Weightloss.
Sarah M. Davies Rough Draft Com/155 Angela Robles 2-24-2013 The comparison of methods to lose weight In early 1999, over 61% of American adults were classified as overweight or obese. Since then, the rising rate of obesity in this country has continued to increase. Obesity has been known to cause many health issues that could result in death. With the rising rate of obesity in Americans, the Surgeon General suggests a reduced calorie diet and cardio exercise to lose weight; however, many become victims of “easy” weight loss methods such as the “Hollywood diet”.
The Surgeon General is a good source to find methods of weight loss and therefore suggests a reduced calorie diet and rigorous exercise to lost weight. “Approximately 300,000 deaths each year in the United States may be attributable to obesity. ” The first question that arises when the subject of losing weight comes up is: “Can I still eat what I want? ” The answer could possibly be yes if you follow the suggestions of the Surgeon General. When a person is determined to lose weight, they could follow this type of diet to lose weight efficiently.
A reduced calorie diet helps weight loss by lowering food intake and allows for fewer calories for the body to process. Another question that has been asked would be: “Am I going to be getting enough nutrients when I reduce my calories? ” These reduced calorie diets do not deprive the body of nutrients but rather adjust the amount of calories one takes in. This type of diet should also include a daily regimented portion of exercise. Exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes in those who are overweight or obese. The Surgeon General also tates “Overweight and obesity are associated with heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, arthritis, breathing problems, and psychological disorders, such as depression. ” The risk of all these health issues are drastically reduced when one begins exercise to lose weight. The Hollywood diet is a juice only diet that rids your body of chemicals and cleanses your system. However, it is believed by some scientists that the body is capable of ridding toxins from itself without the need for a fast, easy method such as this.

The Hollywood diet drink is composed of mostly natural ingredients like water, fructose, pineapple, orange, prune, apple and white grape juices along with preserves and stabilizers. This diet reduces the caloric intake from the standard 2,000 calorie diet to that of only 400 calories per day. Instead of eating three to four square meals per day, the individual would be drinking this juice product four times per day along with water. Statistics show that 84% of people who have tried this diet enjoyed the results. The Hollywood diet can help increase energy, clears up skin and helps reduce constipation.
There are also no red flag ingredients included in this drink that could cause issues with one’s health. Caffeine and ephedra are two ingredients that are not included in this drink. Unfortunately, since this diet is a vitamin and mineral fortified drink, it is only known to be a short term weight loss method and has no known long term results. Experts who have studied this product have stated “this type of diet can be misleading because an individual would be losing water weight and not fat. ” Also, because this is a low calorie diet, it may not be optimal for certain individuals with health issues.
In comparison, with a reduced calorie diet and exercise, the individual is provided with all essential vitamins and nutrients to aid in weight loss; but with the Hollywood diet, you are not. The Hollywood diet does not provide an individual with proteins or fats which are essentials to optimal health. If an individual were to follow the Surgeon General’s suggestion, they would be provided these two essentials, just in a smaller dosage. Protein is essential to a healthy diet and fats help the body to function properly. If a person were to be diabetic, the reduced calorie diet with exercise will help maintain blood sugar levels.
Unfortunately, with the Hollywood diet, specifically states “This type of diet is not recommended for diabetics or those with health issues. ” Since the Hollywood diet is a very low calorie diet, a person who tries this diet could suffer from intestinal cramping, gallstones and cardiovascular problems. Therefore it is not recommended by the Surgeon General to try this type of diet for “rapid” weight loss. In conclusion, for optimal results with no underlying health risks, it is best to follow the Surgeon Generals suggestion of a reduced calorie diet and healthy exercise.
When an individual follows this diet there is a drastically reduced risk of contracting cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, and helps aid in losing weight the proper way. The Hollywood diet is a good diet for quick and easy weight loss. Unfortunately, there are certain risks with this diet, especially for those that have diabetes. The main concerns are the fact that with this diet, individuals are only losing water weight and not fat. The name of Hollywood diet allows the user to think of the stars and famous, but with the risk of cardiovascular issues and high blood pressure, there is no stardom inherited.
It is imperative to control the rise of obesity and by following the Surgeon Generals suggestion. The body is very important to keep in good health. To quote Henry Ward Beecher: “The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music. It is needful to have the instrument in good order. ” References: http://www. surgeongeneral. gov/library/calls/obesity/fact_whatcanyoudo. html http://www. faddiet. com/hollywooddiet. html http://www. dietsinreview. com/diets/Hollywood_Miracle_Diet/ www. surgeongeneral. gov/library/calls/obesity

Two Methods of Weightloss

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