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This assignment has 4 parts:

In the current business environment groups and teams are common.  Understanding the differences not only between a group and a team but also the different types of teams will allow you to have a holistic view of how organizational change will affect the people.  

How do you perceive the similarities and differences between a group and a team?
What different types of team structures have you been involved with or witnessed?
What effect will the group/team dynamic have on the organizational change initiative? Give an example.
What type of change strategy would you incorporate for an organization that uses work groups? Describe how that strategy would be affected if the organization used work teams.


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This DB has three parts. 

When making a decision it is human nature to make assumptions. Understanding the assumptions along with the consequences should those assumptions be incorrect is important.  A best practice when making a decision is to make a list of any assumptions that exist.  Discuss a decision you have made in the past in your professional life that was based on assumptions that proved to be incorrect.  What were the consequences and how did you handle the resulting situation?
There are many different decision making models available such as: the rational model; the seven step model; and the Carnegie model to name a few.  What are the pros and cons of managers using decision making models? 
What factors should be taken into consideration when collecting data for a strategic decision?

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