If students were robots they might at least not need ‘rest’. They would continue to work on a novel for days together, learn lessons of mathematics without Intervening subconscious processing of thoughts. The efficiency and effectiveness would have been uninterrupted. But students need rest, enjoyment, and change of routine. Therefore we cannot easily ignore importance of holiday, which has all the three ingredients. It alleviates anxiety of workload , takes away from hectic environment of office. Holiday is a ‘proper feed’ of mind, gives it proper resting place’, and timeout’.
Plot for a great story Is discovered to us during our ‘Idle hours’. It underpins importance of rest and enjoyment for efficient working. A sage has wisely said, ” the time that we enjoy wasting, is not wasted. ” This is keeping in view the importance of enjoyment and leisurely hours in our life. A holiday is a time for celebration. It can be celebrated in a variety of ways. Students go out for a short trip to various historical places to meet different people, enjoy their cuisine, listen to their folk songs, and legendary tales. Or they may vlslt new institutes, engage in seminars, and discussions and enrich their experiences.
Besides that people enjoy playing games, joining health clubs, reading stories, learning new languages and skills going out for dinner with friends and families, watching movies and documentaries. some people get plenty of sleep thinking of rest instead of any work at all. To sum up. I can say that doing a part-time Job does students good. They can get more experience for future job, practice the lesson got from classes and grow up. For the reasons I have mentioned, I am going to seek a job for my self and do it with all my best to grow out of my own ebullient thought and action.

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