Trends in global business and management

Trends in global business and management

Restructuring organisations and work can have a negative effect on the workforce and the organisation itself. Explain the reasons for such negative outcomes from organisational restructuring highlighting and explaining the most important reasons. Furthermore, what role does the obsession with restructuring play in generating such negative effects?

2)What are the reasons for moving away from centralised and bureaucratic systems of management and what are the main challenges and risks? Why do such challenges and risks emerge?

3)How has the growing business obsession with the role of smaller employers and self-employment emerged recently? Why are there so many challenges facing both smaller employers and those that are classified as self-employed?

4)How has the pandemic impacted on the extent and nature of teleworking and homeworking? Discuss the negative issues emerging because of such forms of work. Explain which of these negative issues you see as being the most important and why.

5)How and why has the fascination with de-regulation developed in recent decades? What have been the main consequences of greater de-regulation on the way individuals work and why have so many problems emerged?

6)We talk a lot about the age of corporate social responsibility and wellbeing within organisations. Why is this the case? To what extent could these be viewed as mainly rhetorical concepts and developments that are not systematically introduced within organisations?

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