Treatment Planning guided by theory

Treatment Planning guided by theory

Decrease suicidal and/or self-harming behaviors by reducing negative thoughts of self, hopelessness, and feeling overwhelmed ( Pre and Post assessed by Geriatric Depression Scale- score will decrease by 50% after 12 sessions- with a particular emphasis on those items that connect to the goal).

Objective #1- Identify negative thinking and behavioral patterns that mediate feelings of hopelessness and helplessness during the next 4 sessions.

1 intervention: Use functional analysis to reduce the severity of suicidal and/or self-harming behaviors and related symptoms. (How is this CBT? – A cognitive-behavioral analysis examines what a person was doing and thinking before, during, and after an episode of the symptom. It is an analysis of the antecedents and consequences of problem thoughts and behaviors) It is not uncommon to see a clinician use the ABC Model to capture the during and after of an episode. ” What were you doing, thinking, what was going on in your life during and after the episode?

Provide a VERY brief client presentation with a diagnosis. Apply one of the following to your treatment plan entry:

Cognitive-behavioral, Existential, Narrative, Solution-Based, Person-Centered (client-centered, Rogerian), Feminist theories

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