Treatment Plan Development

 3-5 paragraphs 
Examine the 2 fictional offenders listed below. When you have finished familiarizing yourself with their correctional experiences and criminal history, answer the questions outlined in the assignment guidelines.

Offender 1: This offender has a criminal background that consists of violent incidents, such as armed robbery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, and sexual assaults. This offender has been incarcerated several times and is familiar with the prison system.
Offender 2: This offender has a criminal background that consists of petty thefts, robbery, and burglary. This offender has been to jail several times but has never been incarcerated in prison. 

Assignment Guidelines:

Address the following in 3–5 paragraphs:  

Which diagnostic instrument, OASys or LSI-R, should be used for each of the offenders above?  

Why do you feel that the tests you have selected for each offender would be ideal? Explain. 

Do you feel that there should be other tests for offenders besides the OASys and the LSI-R? Why or why not?
Can either of these 2 offenders be rehabilitated? Why or why not?  

Can any offender be rehabilitated? Why or why not? 
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. 

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