Travel Agent Career Project

The occupation that I chose is to be a Travel Agent. “Travel agents sell transportation, lodging, and admission to entertainment activities to individuals and groups who are planning trips. They offer advice on destinations, plan trip itineraries, and make travel arrangements for clients. ” (OOH) The reason i chose this job is because my mom is a travel agent so I am able help her out a lot, and after long experience i discovered that i enjoyed being a travel agent and that i would like to be one in the future.
Ive been helping her out for at least seven years, and i am very experienced and knowledgeable with all of the systems, and how everything goes. My personality type description shows that I am a confident person who is always sure of there self, and that I speak my mind directly and honestly. I am strong opiniated and i am very convincing. People admire my determination and my social skills, which shows that i achieve high standards to keep the respect that others have for me.
I am very creative and i dont like repitition, so i always need to be challenged to keep myself interested. I am also very imaginative which helps me look beyond everything to find a solution or think of how everything goes. I dont go well with slackers and everything has to be done on time. Also the personality trait says that people are impressed with my knowledge, and that i am very respectful so people feel comfortable with me. After i completed the whole values worksheet/evaluation, i realized that my main values in life are: fame, money, power and humanitarianism.

I feel that these values fit into my career choice because many famous people like to go on vacations, and that if i succeed my expectations, i can become a rich, famous and popular travel agent. You need to be knowelgeable with: customer and personal service, geography, sales and marketing, transportation, and the english language. Also you need a high school degree, or something equal to it. You do not need training, but many people like to go to travel school so they are ready. You need very well social skills. You have to be reasonable, and you cannot be rude. You have to be able to solve issues, and keep everyone happy.
The national pay per year is $31,870. The interests and aptitudes for this job are: social skills, people skills, managing skills, computer skills, geographical skills, and knowledge on tours, transpiration, and policies. I think i meet this criteria because I have all of those skills, i have traveled many times, and i am very familiar with everything a travel agent needs to know. “Developing and following a well laid-out plan, networking effectively to get good information and advice, and impressing people by becoming very knowledgable about their interests and/or organizations. (MBTI) There isnt really a promotion for this job. Everybody does the same exact thing. The benefits of this job can be the tip, commision, and/or hourly rates you get paid. Since this job doesn’t have major promotions, there really isnt a big difference for that instance. There isnt any information on benefits. Works Cited http://www. onetonline. org/link/summary/41-3041. 00 https://connection. naviance. com/family-connection/personality-type “Summary. ” U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 11 July 2012. Web. 26 Nov. 2012. .