Transparent Choice Software (due July 29)-Tech & Info – due in 4 hours

(due July 29)-Tech & Info – due in 4 hours

Please look at attachment.
You’ll create an account and select the free tools offered by to complete this assignment. Some of the options you see when you enter the site are for the paid upgrade. I will need to give you the username and PW-

You’ll have a choice of anyalytical hierarchy process; quick ranking; and demand manager. 

In a Word document, write a concise paragraph (one or two sentences might do) that describes an actual decision you have made at work (if you have a job) or at home (if you don’t have a job or have never had a job). Use one of the three TransparentChoice software apps mentioned above just enough to see how it works. Include, in a second concise paragraph, a description of how the app could have helped you make the decision. 
 Insert at least 3 screen shots in the same Word file to verify that you have explored the software. 
In a third paragraph, state the category of stakeholder that will benefit most from your decision and how the decision will impact that/those stakeholder(s). Be sure to refer to your reading “Building on Stakeholder…” reading in this module. 

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