Transnational Childhoods: The Participation of Children

Transnational Childhoods: The Participation of Children in Processes of Family Migration. Drawing upon ethnographic research in contemporary California, with case studies of migrants from Mexico, Central America, Korea, and Yemen. we analyze children’s presence and participation in processes of migration and in the constitution of transnational social Želds.

Childhood relations:Transnational Childhoods

Therefore, Various facets of child-adult relations enter into children’s movement across national borders. including their economic dependence and growing capacity to contribute labor; varied ways in which the needs and capacities of children of different ages and genders. their status as persons who are being “raised” and “developed” toward desired end points.

Hence, these dimensions help shape patterns of chain and circulating migration; decisions about leaving children behind and sending for them; and the unusual circumstance of children who take the lead in migration (South Korean “parachute kids” living in suburban Los Angeles).


Firstly, the response paper must be done on the videos presented each week and provide the opportunity for thinking and writing critically about issues and concepts connected to the module theme. The reflection paper must be submitted one week following the class discussion on which you are writing. Moreover, you’re free to explore and concentrate on what was important. Moreover, to you in terms of what you learned and the class discussion or comments on the discussion forum and what

Since you thought of the issues that were brought up. This is not a summary of the documentary or ethnographic video watched. you will need to give some basis for your comments and utilize the theoretical concepts presented in the readings and course material. There is an expectation that students will incorporate and engage with the relevant sociological and anthropological concepts that shape children’s lived realities.

Film responses should critically address intersections between the films, readings. and class discussions, undertaking analyses, and asking questions where appropriate. Focus on the analysis and not the summation.

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