Traits of human development and theories

Traits of human development. Psychosocial Criticism is similar to psychoanalytic criticism except that it puts specific focus on how culture shapes our identities. Ex. How do characters break or uphold traditional expectations of sociological behavior from past to present?

Formalism/New Criticism advocates close reading of a text with the goal of identifying formal devices, such as imagery, irony, paradox, symbols, diction, plot, characterization, and narrative techniques, to understand the meanings of a literary text. Ex. How does the interpretation or reinterpretation of a literary device enhance or change the meaning of a play?

Reader-Response Criticism places much emphasis on the literary experience of individual readers, not only as interpreters of texts but as producers of meanings. Since individual readers are influenced by myriad social, communal, cultural, and political values, interpretations of the text depends on respective places, times, and social mores. Ex. How does your personal experience/context/generation affect your understanding of the message and significance of a play?

Feminist Criticism addresses womens prerogative to reinterpret literature, to rewrite history, and to change the power structure that has traditionally defined male and female relationships in patriarchal societies. Ex. How do characters in drama subvert or maintain traditional notions of gender, sexuality, and power?

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