Toxic Masculinity and Gender Roles

Toxic Masculinity and Gender Roles.

Cho, Yu-Fang. “Rethinking Reproductive Freedom in Transpacific Narratives.” Gender in American Literature and Culture, ed. Jean Lutes and Jennifer Travis ( Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021. 96-109.

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Note: I am sharing the page proofs with you as the anthology is in production and scheduled to be released next year.



Adams, Carol J. Sexual Politics of Meat. New York: Continuum, 1990 (available at Miami’s library). (


Carol J. Adams lecture, 2019
, “#Me, Too and the Sexual Politics of Meat” (


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Cho, Yu-Fang. “Migration, Citizenship, and Sexuality in Asian America.” The Routledge Handbook of Asian American Studies ( Ed. Cindy I-Feng Cheng. New York: Routledge, 2017. (for a broad historical and cultural context; see PDF below)

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2. Capitalism, Neoliberalism, and Mutliculturalism

Melamed, Jodi (, “The Spirit of Neoliberalism: From Racial Liberalism to Neoliberal Multiculturalism,” Social Text 89 (Winter 2006): 1-25.


Melamed, Jodi, Represent and Destroy. ( Minnesota University Press, 2011. (check out the introduction)



3. Environmental Justice

Sze, Julie. “Boundaries and Border Wars: DES, Technology, and Environmental Justice.” American Quarterly 58.3 (2006): 791-814.

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