Toll Roads

One day my mother an I were driving to one of my football games. When we were about to arrive there was a little toll booth that read, “Two Dollars”. We couldn’t find any money so we decided to run it. The fine was fifty dollars. I believe we should take out toll roads because they can cause a lot of conflict with people. One reason why we should take out toll roads is because they can cause traffic. People have jobs and may have to take toll roads to get to them.
Say a man is looking for money in his wallet, it may take a while and hold up people behind him. Many people will be late for work and may lose their jobs. Another reason why is because thousands of people in California are unemployed. Usually toll roads are two dollars, but it can vary. People don’t have much money do be paying for toll roads especially if you have to use one daily. You can buy a card but that leads to my next reason.
If someone is leaving their house in a hurry they can forget their wallet which would either contain money or their toll pass. When they reach the toll road they would probably have to run it. Then they get a fine. This can cause much conflict with people. Many people may say that people work hard on the roads and they get a satisfying drive. But if you don’t have money or forget your toll pass then you’ll be in trouble. I believe that we should take out toll roads.

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