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Introduction The art of advertising is a tough job. It is not very easy to impress the mind of the target audience and create a good perception of your product. Creating a good perception takes the job to whole new level where advertisers must make the audience learn about the product. This instigates an even harder job, to pursue the audience to make the decision in your favor. The job is even harder when you have to pursue the audience about a product which has failed once in the past. Such is our mission in reestablishing one of our favorite food brands on the past, ‘Nocilla’. Grupo Nutrexpa’ is the mother company of ‘Nocilla’. The company is headquartered in Barcelona, and it was set up in the 1940s with a view to produce food which was “tasty and highly nutritious”. Nutrexpa offers five kinds of ‘Nocilla’ with different colors and taste which are ‘Nocilla Bokawa(cake)’; ‘Nocilla Postres (a liquid chocolate which is used on ice-cream,burgers etc)’; ‘Nocilla sticks (flour sticks& chocolate)’; ‘Nocilla Vasos (red, green, light blue, glass jars)’; ‘Nocilla Tarrinas (two chocolate flavor)’. Basically ‘Nocilla Original’ was marketed in Bangladesh.
At the beginning of the 1990’s it was available in our local market though a food importing company of Bangladesh called ‘Sajeeb Corporation’. For the sake of our project we are assuming that Nocilla is being re launched in Bangladesh and the hard task of advertising about this forgotten product has been handed to an advertising company managed by us. Advertising Objectives Sales Objective: It is obvious that Nocilla’s sales in Bangladesh have declined drastically over the last few years. So our main and prime objective as the advertising agency is to boost the sales of Nocilla.
Since there are very little mearns of communicating Nocilla to the consumers, we can use advertising which is a dominant force in the marketing mix for Nocilla. Communication Objective: As we are repositioning Nocilla with the concept of both Taste and Nutrition, we need to communicate this information to the appropriate target consumers. Through our advertising, we have to make sure the kids get the sense of taste and the parent’s get the essence of Nutrition. Audience Analysis As per our analysis, our audiences are our target consumers for whom Nocilla would be reestablished.

Kids are very fond of chocolate and would very cheerfully grab the oopportunity to change their traditional breakfast with something more chocolaty and tasty. Teenagers always look for different types of taste in their breakfast. They prefer a fast and easily makeable breakfast that would quickly set them free to get busy with their activities. Also they may prefer the taste whenever they would like to have quick snacks. Paren’ts always look to provide the necessary nutrition to their children. Nocilla provides hassle free and quick nutritious breakfast for them.
This behavior is also applicable for people with a busy life style and always on the go. Segmentation To better attract our target audience our advertising agency has decided to break down our consumers into sub group of consumers that have ssimilar needs, desired product benefits and purchase behavior. We have decided to segment our consumers by dividing them into Demographic, Geographic and Psychographic segments. Demographic Segmentation: Our target consumers would be of the age between 6 to 25 years. They are mainly kids, teenagers and grownups of that specific age category who share a love for a chocolaty breakfast.
We can also include the household of parent’s who likes a nutritious breakfast for their kids. Geographic Segmentation: As for the quality Nocilla is a premium product with a premium price. So our main target location will be the city areas like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and other major city centered regions. Psychographic Segmentation: Our segmentation also depends on the life style of the consumers who would like a ready and fast breakfast as they lead a very busy life. Nocilla only requires a little amount of time to be spread on bread and to prepare. Targeting
We are targeting our consumers based on differentiated marketing. We are targeting kids, teenagers, and grownups. Again, our target segments include parent’s and other persons with busy life styles. Positioning We will position Nocilla as ‘A tasty and nutritious breakfast’. One of the prime causes for the fall of the Nocilla brand was its excessive focus on the taste of the product. As consumers became more concerned over nutrition Nocilla began to lose consumers and thus Nocilla began to lose its brand image in Bangladesh. That’s why we are also focusing on the Nutrition factor as equally as taste.
Creative Strategy Art Direction: The artistic attributes of the ad-campaign will mainly focus on the positioning concept- ‘A tasty and nutritious breakfast’. In our campaign, all the advertisements will be directed in such a way so that they represent a creative mixture of both factors- Tasty & Nutritious. Also all the ads will indirectly communicate the quick preparation factor. Production Values: For our advertisement campaign, production values plays a very important role in order to convince completely different type segments.
Firstly, to attract the kids we have to use our audio and video options in such a way so that our advertisements provide a childish representation. Again to attract the parent’s and grown-ups, our visual representation should be in communicative style. Now, to maintain these objectives, we have developed our advertisements accompanied with a proper mixture of communicative style and childish appearance. To create an appropriate ad-campaign for the re establishment of the brand Nocilla we will need the following components of the copy platform: ) The sales of Nocilla have drastically declined due to the excessive attention drawn towards the taste criteria, instead of illustrating it as an ideal breakfast spread. b) Our primary objective would be to include the nutrition and quick prepare ability of a Nocilla breakfast along with the taste criteria. c) Unlike before Nocilla would be packaged in different sizes of glass jars and its coloring will differ with the contents of jar. There will be 4 varieties of Nocilla to be marketed in Bangladesh. Its packaging will also contain the nutrition chart which will be easily readable by the consumers. ) The profile of the target audience will be verified from our studies of the audience analysis and their behaviors. e) After a careful study of the Bangladesh Market we have come to see that there is quite a few numbers of competitors of Nocilla in the market. One of the prime competitors of Nocilla was found to be ‘Nutkao’. Originated from Italy, this product has offered to competitors’ different shapes and sizes of the product according to the family needs. The vvariety of the jars and the illustrations visualized emphasizes on it being a family food to be eaten during any time of the day.
Another competitor ‘Cokokrem’ comes from Turkey. This product doesn’t have any vvariety in the market but did illustrate a great taste appeal of cocoa which is rare compared to the others. ‘Alpella Krem’,’Nutella’ ; ‘New Cream’ are also some of the competitors. The mother companies of these products are yet to be recognized. But the nutrition factors of these products do pose a threat to Nocilla. While we have seen Nocilla being priced at only Tk 120/70 based on available sizes, all the other competitors are priced above Tk 200.
This suggests that Nocilla have done a good job in keeping the price at a check compared to its competitors. f) The key consumer benefits of Nocilla are- Its tasty, it’s nutritious, and it’s quick to prepare. g) Support for the consumer benefits: The organization is providing us 4 varieties of the Nocilla products which support our notion of it being tasty. Again we are providing a nutrition chart to support claim of Nocilla being nutritious. The traditional packaging of Nocilla with a plastic cap makes it very easy to use thus further supporting our claim. ) Our recommendation for the organization for the selling strategy will be to use a combination of pull and push strategies. They can provide the retailers with trade promotions to push demand of the product while our advertisement will hopefully create a demand among the retailer to store Nocilla on their shelves. i) As for selling style we will go for the soft selling style that mearns we will create an impression in consumer’s mind which will lead them in taking the decision of purchasing Nocilla.
Through our ad campaign we will include various kinds of appeals which are- quality appeal, star appeal and definitely sensory appeal. Media Strategy Determining Geographic Scope: As we are reestablishing Nocilla and don’t want to waste our advertisers resources by transmitting our advertisements in areas where the products had limited or no demand. So we are concentrating our advertising efforts in cities like: Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. After a few months of operations, we will use BDI and CDI to evaluate our performance.
Scheduling the message: As an advertising agency, we plan to determine the timing of our message when the people in the target audience are very much receptive to the medium we are intending to use. We have decided on the continuity of our message by adopting “pulsing”. As our target audience are more receptive towards our ads during the “early fringe” i. e. ; 4-7 p. m. and during “prime time” i. e. ; 8-11 p. m. The size, length and position of our ads will be determined as per the advertising objectives: creative strategy, budget, and reach ; frequency requirement.
In case of TV, we picked Channel i and NTV for running our TV commercials. For NTV, we have selected a total of 22 spots for running our ads with duration of 30 seconds. In Channel i, 6 spots have been selected for running the same 30 seconds advertisement. For print media, we have decided to put on a total of 75 insertions, with a combination of full size, 40col-inch, 24col-inch ; 18col-inch ads. Selecting the media: After analyzing the media audiences, media environments and the competitor’s media usages, we have decided that our “Media Mix” will consist of print media ; electronic media (television).
We will also be doing other out-of-home advertisements. Calculating the cost efficiency: The ‘media mix’ will be selected by calculating the Cost per Thousand (CPM) of that particular media according to the data available from the company. Print Strategy We plan to utilize the print media by advertising our product in the newspapers only. Magazines are not appropriate according to us for our food product. Thus by advertising in the daily newspapers in our limited budget would be the most cost effective strategy to reestablish Nocilla.
We are basically advertising in ‘The Daily Star’ and ‘The Daily Prothom-Alo’. After initial advertisements in these two popular print media we will move on to other newspapers after analyzing the effectiveness of the advertisements. The detailed planned budgeting strategy for utilization is provided in the Appendix section. Headlines, Body copy and Slogan Headlines: We will introduce various types of Headlines to attract our consumers at separate time periods. First, we will use ‘news headlines’ which will describe the new arrival of Nocilla.
Again to represent the product quality we will use ‘benefit headlines’. These headlines will be presented to our audience time to time. One example of our headlines is- “The new taste of breakfast”. Body Copy: A very important characteristic of the advertisements is they all will consist ‘picture and caption copy’. The main purpose of doing this is to visually attract our target segments. Sometimes there will be pictures of Nocilla jars providing product information. And some other times images of kids will be introduced accompanied with concrete messages.
Slogan: As we are reestablishing Nocilla, we will introduce a new slogan- “Wake Up, Boost Up and Break Out”. This new slogan is necessary to create a new brand image. This slogan has been developed in such a way so that it is stylish enough to attract kids and teenagers; and it is encouraging enough for the parent’s and grown-ups. Television Advertising As for television advertising we will go only for cable channels- Channel I, NTV. This is mainly because our target market is not the mass market. Infact, we are targeting only the city centered consumers.
So, they can be easily reached using the cable channels. Our advertising type will be both participation and spot announcement. This campaign will involve buying ad spots for some particular programs and also purchasing segments of commercial times from the TV. Our planning for Television advertising will include measuring the TV audience using ‘program rating’; selecting time periods that is early fringe and prime time; understanding TV ad rates using the formula of CPP; placing TV ads based on availability and using special TV services that is provided time to time by the TV channels.