Through the Tunnel Questions

On the line provided, write the letter of the best answer to each of the following items.

Jerry’s mother allows him to go to the beach by the wild bay because she— A would like some time to herself B does not realize how dangerous it is C wants him to make friends with the boys playing there D does not want to be overly protective

Jerry is especially fascinated by the local boys at the wild bay because they — F speak a language Jerry doesn’t understand G are older and stronger than he is H dive from a rock and swim through an underwater tunnel J climb through a tunnel to reach a high rock from which they dive
When Jerry masks his shame at not having found the tunnel because he was clowning around, the other boys — A laugh at his antics B frown like his mother C speak English to him D smile and wave at him 
Which statement best describes Jerry’s attitude toward going through the tunnel? F He feels the tunnel is more than he can handle at his age. G He’s frightened but determined to go through it. H The tunnel has little meaning but poses some interest to him. J He has no fears about getting through the tunnel.
As soon as the local boys leave the wild bay, Jerry doesn’t go through the tunnel mainly because — A his mother made him promise not to overdo anything B Jerry doesn’t know where the tunnel is located C Jerry can’t hold his breath long enough D without goggles, Jerry can’t see underwater
The event that forces Jerry to decide that he will make his attempt to go through the tunnel occurs — F after he watches the local boys go through the tunnel for a second time G when his ability to hold his breath surpasses two minutes H when he buys a pair of goggles enabling him to see clearly underwater J after his mother tells him that they will be leaving the beach in four days
The best description of Jerry’s approach to going through the tunnel is that he — A enters impulsively and swims around until he finds his way out B waits until one of the older boys dives first and then follows him to safety C decides to wait until the following summer when is older and stronger D carefully plans and practices for several days before trying
In addition to overcoming the dangers of the water, Jerry has to contend with — F his mother’s reluctance G his own rigorous training H taunts from the other boys J weather problems
In the end, while eating lunch, Jerry tells his mother — A absolutely nothing about his adventure underwater B every detail of what happened as he swam through the tunnel C that he can hold his breath for three minutes underwater D that he wants to go swimming again that day
Which statement best expresses the theme of “Through the Tunnel”? F Friendship is life’s great prize. G Amother’s love conquers all. H Proving one’s worth is never easy. J Never judge a book by its cover.

LITERARY FOCUS (4 points; 1 poins each)
On the line provided, write the letter of the best answer to each of the following items
11. Areader finds the symbolic meaning in a story by — A outlining the events in the story’s plot B interpreting and making connections among all of the story’s symbols C discovering the reasons a character acts the way he or she does D determining who the narrator is and how he or she is connected to the story’s Characters 12. Of the following details from “Through the Tunnel,” the most important symbol in the story is the — F pair of goggles G umbrella H tunnel J villa
13. The wild bay is a symbol for — A Jerry’s entrance into a new phase in his life B the ways in which Jerry’s mother coddles him C life in a foreign country D vacations and other exciting adventures
14. Which of the following descriptions from the story helps to create a mood of danger? F “There she was, a speck of yellow under an umbrella that looked like a slice of orange peel. ” G “Soon the biggest of the boys poised himself, shot down into the water, and did not come up. ” H “It was as if he had eyes of a different kind—fish eyes that showed everything clear and delicate and wavering in the bright water. ” J “Rocks lay like discolored monsters under the surface. ”
VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT (5 points; 1 point each)
Match the definition on the left with the Vocabulary word on the right. On the line provided, write the letter of the Vocabulary word.
15. small; tiny a. contrition
16. appeal; request b. supplication
17. disbelieving; skeptical c. inquisitive
18. regret or sense of guilt at having done wrong d. minute
19. questioning; curious e. incredulous
20. On a separate sheet of paper, write a paragraph explaining what you think Jerry’s accomplishments are and how you think they change him. Support your ideas with at least two instances of symbols or figurative language from the story.