Through the Looking-Glass

DUE TODAY 11/19/2018
For this discussion question read the excerpt from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll on p. 318 in your text. This unnerving passage is useful for thinking about Descartes approach to epistemology.

Apply what you have learned about Descartes
Discuss Descartes Method of Doubt in the context of literature.

Write three paragraphs (100 words each) on the following question from your text. “What is the relationship between this little story and Descartes’ dream argument?” Make sure to EXPLAIN the Method of Doubt first. Think about these questions to motivate your discussion:
What are some ways that you can doubt that you exist? Can you doubt that the computer in front of you exists? Are there any reliable signs that you are not dreaming, hallucinating, hypnotized, mistaken, having an allusion, have false information, or are being deceived? 
What are some common ideas that people ARE mistaken about?
Some people think that the world is flat– can they KNOW that the world is flat? Why or why not?

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