Three things that happened in m life, and push me to stude

What is that challenge? How is work? Is that something I can stay home and it will come over to me? Is that something I can befit because my parents have it? My explanation about challenge could be different but I think it will work. Challenge is always people dreams but most do not complete it Challenge is your dream, is something you want died for, you sacrifice our life for You believe in, you spend all your time for, you borrow money for, you cut in your sleep for, and onetime you don’t sleep for, First is work!
When you want, when you decide to sacrifice you life for it, and will see how work is. No is not something you can stay home and it will come to you, is something you go looking for, no matter how bad it is outside no matter how bad the whether is you wake up with it in you head and get out looking for it, no matter how hard everything is for you go looking for it.
No challenge is not something you could be befit from any parents, our parents could e rich and gives you whatever you want, you still need to know you need challenge , our parents can give you most time they have doesn’t mean anything, you can have to put yourself out and looking for challenge Just like I did. Remember challenge is go back to school, or if you already at school fit for it, spend all your time on it, always have an your mine why you wake up early for? Why would you go to school for? Why would you do anything Jobs to survive?

Why would you need to spend a lot of time in school for? Don’t forget how much money you loose if you spend four years in college, and could save that money and go to work making more money, always ask yourself why would you do that for, and keep going in school you will see it, you will understand it, you will satisfy it, you will love it, you will say this is how challenge work. No matter how long it will take you , no matter how hard it is to do your homework, no matter how late you been , no matter how bad your grade is don’t give up.

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