Thinking Like a Nurse

As in every profession, in nursing too, there are a number of details that every each of nurses should have and be aware of, because of the high expectancy by patients and colleagues in both within and outside of professional domains. Professionalism refers to the key points that everyone should follow and behaves the best in order to protect its dignity and respective in a competent manner. Then it becomes even more important when it comes to public health care matter. There are many reasons for that; first of all, Nursing.
In this profession, it is expected from nurses to maintain the public trust and confidence. Nurses have the full trust from patient and their family. Every patient should be treated the same way as if they are in the need of best care and it is expected from nurses to maintain the practise area in a safe and in an environment that a nurse can practise safely at all times. Secondly, a nurse should create and protect a relationship between themselves and the patient. Nurses should give extra attention to protect them from any kind of harm if they are more vulnerable than the others or if they are with handicaps.
Another point to be aware of is “Nurses recognise their professional position and do not accept gifts or benefits that could be viewed as a means of securing the nurses’ influence or favour. ” (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council: 2008) Nurses should keep the relationship professional and should not keep it if it gets out of ethics and standards. Furthermore, if there is an unethical or unlawful conduct noticed within the clinic or outside of the clinic, a nurse should not overlook it or should not leave it unnoticed. The action should be reported to an authorized person or corporation to put the behaviour in a fair process.

Also, nurses are responsible of treatment for people in need and to motivate the patients processing in recovery. Nurses help to prevent the illness or injuries by educating patients and help to raise the quality of health in the country. They treat the patient, help them to benefit in the best way from service provided and approach them and their families with a good sense. To sum up, the best way for any public health service to work constantly, sufficient, reachable and at the best quality is, doctors, nurses, and the other health workers should work together as a team. Nurses are indispensable and the most important ring of the chain.

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