Thinking about health and illness in society

Thinking about health and illness in society. Every culture has strategies for promoting health and dealing with illness; medical systems are a hallmark of humanity. I want you to think about your own family’s and culture’s approaches and remedies for treating a cold. I am looking for you to write a personalized account or narrative of your own experience with a cold. I do not want you to provide a generic description of a medical or cultural treatment for a cold that you found by searching the Internet. This is meant to be your own story, your own illness narrative. For example, think about your cultural background – does your culture have particular treatments for a cold. Do you stick to these or have you created your own personal or family spin on theses cultural norms? Does your treatment for a cold possibly include treatments from different cultures or health perspectives? Has your approach to treating a cold changed throughout your life?

Are the determinants of health, discussed in the Module 1 lecture notes and the Nesdole et al. article, culturally relevant and holistic?

– Do they adequately reflect your personal health determinants, or are there additional/different determinants that influence your health that are not included in these frameworks?

Thinking about health

Think about how you deal with a common health issue: a cold. Feel free to talk to your family members about your family approach. How was your cold treated when you were a child and do you still do the same thing now as an adult?
Create a Discussion post that includes:
Your personal illness narrative that discusses how you respond when you come down with a cold. Explain the treatments or remedies that you use to get better.
A brief discussion that relates your thoughts about your own personal health experience to the discussion in Nesdole and colleague’s (2014) article.

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