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Foremost, eating Exploders gave symptoms like food poisoning. My family’s dies were rejecting the snack by both vomiting and having diarrhea. The whole family was up all night throwing up, gagging burping, and coughing, which lead to exhaustion because the Exploders made them so sick. It is weeks later, and many of the symptoms have continued. This creates the first major problem for your product, as well as gives me concerns for the health and well-being of my family. Studies show that, when children get sick from food, there is a 40% chance they will never eat again.
My husband, who is a well-regarded doctor, said ‘the Exploders caused the illness and something eke this should never happen to the public. When you sell a product, it is the company’s obligation to test it first so things like this don’t happen to innocent consumers. ” The word obligation informed me that you are required to check your product before selling it, when obviously, you did not. With everyone in my house sick from one serving of candy, it is hard to keep up with the kids’ academic studies and after school activities. My children are falling behind because of consuming your product; that is unacceptable.
If making my family sick was not enough, they taste atrocious and caused my family to gag. The flavor was not enjoyable and left a strange aftertaste. The package clearly stated a “guaranteed amazing fruity flavor that everyone loves. ” When someone guarantees something that means it will always be true. This was not true for anyone that tried the candy, so it is not true. I do not know how anyone could enjoy the awful flavor. Although, the initial reaction to the “candy” gave me a laugh, it was unnecessary to make a food with such a horrendous taste. When people pop candy in their mouth, they expect a sweet, gratifying taste.

They certainly do not expect something that tastes like the butt of an elephant. One of my children started crying and gagging when the Exploders first hit her tongue. “It burns my throat! ” she screamed. Even my husband complained and choked out how gruesome these candy balls were and he never complains about “sweets. ” Finally, Exploders permanently harms and damages the stomach and throat. Instead of just getting my husband’s professional opinion, we got the viewpoint of an Audiologist’s to assess our symptoms. He concludes that Exploders cause severe, permanent damage to your vocal chords and stomach lining.
This is in no way acceptable and I demand that no one else as to go through being sick and harmed by your defective product. The juices from this “candy” hurt vital organs and could potentially kill someone. It is unacceptable that you have not removed the item from stores. I know I am not the first citizen to complain about your inferior product. You are putting your own customers in serious danger just to make a profit with your lame piece of candy. They cause permanent damage to customers, make everyone sick, and taste terrible.

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