There are 3 tasks 1st is 500 words 5 hrs 2nd and 3rd both 250 words

1st task is I wanna talk about when I was young, i was lazy and afraid to challenging something that hard for me and I don’t like to talk to ppl, but when I grow up, I became better than before, until now am studying in the US, I can do everything by myself such as cooking, driving or cleaning…For this paper, write a short essay in which you describe a moment when you came to a new realization about yourself.
The first sentence of your essay should be some variation of the following: “Once I was ____________; now I am _________________.” The first section of your essay should then go on to discuss the “once” half of your sentence.
The second section of your essay should focus on the “now.”
In the final section of your essay, tell us something about the significance of this change. What does this change suggest about your future? What does it mean to you personally? What larger cultural/social issues come to mind when you think about this particular change?
I hope that this essay will give you an opportunity to do some introspection, but there’s no need to reveal anything overly private. Whatever you write should be material that you would feel comfortable sharing with others.

For 2nd task is read first 2 pdfs and do 250 words response

3rd one  still response 250 words 8 hrs , last pdf

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Its 4 page essay

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