The working student

The Working Student “All work and no play. ” This saying refers to a lot of students that work and go to school. This is a very hard conundrum for students. Problems like when they can hang out with their friends, keeping their schedules cooperating, and missing key opportunities because they have school or work arise. There are many difficulties being a working student. One major problem for students is they want to hang out with their friends or play that new video game but they have work or school.
Another example is a friend wants hem to go bowling but they cannot because they haft to study for a test. On the other hand a friend may want them to go see a movie after school but they cannot because they have work. Working students do not normally have free time. Students also haft to manage a balancing act with their work and school schedules. They haft to make shore they don’t have work when they have a class. For less organized students this can be quite a task. So if they have a seven o’clock class they haft to make shore they don’t have work at seven o’clock.
Balancing schedules can be quite a here. The working student may also lose golden opportunities in both school and work. They might not get to Join that club because it meets at the time they haft to be at work. On the other hand they might lose a chance at that over time they need for that pay raise. The working student often loses opportunities like these. Students with Jobs face many difficulties. Whether It Is balancing schedules, having no free time, or losing that golden opportunity. These problems don’t even hold a candle to all the problems the working student faces.

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Working Students

In educational institutions, success is measured by academic performance, or how well a student meets standards set out by local government and the institution itself. As career competition grows ever….