The western influence in Russian culture

The western influence in Russian culture. This paper is a proposal of the presentation. In this proposal, you are going to discuss the relationship between Adidas and Russian culture, and how Adidas becomes a symbol in Russia. First, you can discuss the origin of Adidas in Russia, espically russian people see Adidas in the Moscow Olympics in 1980. Then you can talk about how Adidas integrate into Russia society and culture with the rise and fall. For example, people wear Adidas in their wedding. You will also focus more on cultural struggle with the origin of a slogan: “Тот, кто носит “Адидас”, завтра Родину продаст” during the period of Soviet Union.(The original slogan was, in fact, about Jazz music (‘segodnia on igraet dhaz, a zavtra rodinu pordast’ – which was an official one), but it was later adapted (ironically by people who did wear Adidas) to the Adidas as well. ) Most importantly, you can point out the general hostility of the officials of the USSR towards everything representing the ‘corrupting Western influence. ‘Please make sure to suggest some general conclusions that this good example allows us to make.

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