The Walmart Expansion Analysis

The Walmart Expansion Analysis

The Walmart Expansion Analysis. You will likely need to gather more data to make your case. You are encouraged to seek additional data points to assist you in your analysis. Other data points you may want to consider include, but are not limited to

Gross national income
Population and demographic data
Key economic metrics, including current economic status, inflation, etc.
Labor market data, including average wage, unemployment rate, cost of living, etc.
Market environment
Foreign exchange
Credit environment outlook


Why did Walmart think it needed to expand globally?


The Walmart Expansion Analysis

In this final project you will continue to build on your Walmart Case study work from previous courses. Imagine that you have been hired as a data analyst for Walmart. The Walmart executive team has asked you to gather data that will assist them in determining if this foreign market is a viable option for a Walmart expansion. You will continue to research the same region you have chosen to expand to in your previous MBA courses. Please refer to the Walmart Case Study for the list of available regions.


What is Walmart’s expansion plan?

The Walmart Expansion Analysis
Summarize the background of the country or region, including what makes it unique and why it is a viable option for Walmart expansion.
Assess the data sets and include any charts or graphs used in your evaluation.
Measure outlook sales, interest, and other trends to make a determination on the regional outlook. Is the outlook improving, remaining stable, or deteriorating? For example, how will this expansion affect sales trends, interest cost trends, etc.?

What was Walmart’s early global expansion strategy?

The Walmart Expansion Analysis
Calculate whether Walmart will have favorable or unfavorable currency translation adjustments. For example, how strong is the country’s currency against the U.S. dollar?
Create revenue projections and sales projections based on the data. Consider the currently translation adjustments in your projection.
Propose a recommended course of action based on your interpretation of the data.