The vegetarian diet is the healthiest

The vegetarian diet is the healthiest

The vegetarian diet is the healthiest

Your Argumentative essay, otherwise known as a persuasive essay, will begin with a controversial topic. You will select a topic of interest, take a stand on the topic, and persuade your audience to agree with the stance taken. Avoid presenting both sides of the argument, but instead focus on the best arguments to convince your audience to agree with your chosen stance on the topic.

The topic must be debatable and relate to current social, political, or cultural topics. Alternatively, you may choose to write on a topic specific to your field of study. Topic choices will be submitted to your instructor for final approval.

Finally, your essay should present the argument without using first or second person pronouns (I, me, mine, we, us, ours, you, or yours). Though your opinion will be given, statements such as “I think” or “I would argue” should be avoided.

Topic Selection: Selecting a topic that is debatable and of interest is really important. Use the list below to help you begin brainstorming topics, but you are absolutely allowed to choose a topic not listed here as long as I approve it.


  • LGBT rights
  • The electoral college
  • Socialized health care
  • Separation of church and state
  • Immigration
  • Paid paternity leave
  • Standardized testing
  • Online vs. ground education
  • Police reform
  • College tuition
  • Social media
  • Arts education
  • The beauty industry
  • Universal basic income
  • Animal testing
  • Online dating
  • Topic related to field of study


Who is healthier vegans or vegetarians?

The vegetarian diet is the healthiest


For this assignment, you will be writing the thesis statement for your argumentative essay along with at least four topic sentences for the body paragraphs.

Create a single-sentence thesis statement that succinctly states the major argument that you will make in your essay. Your thesis statement:
Should match your previously approved topic
Is a single declarative sentence (not a question)
Must be written in third person
Must make an argument that others may disagree with and not simply state facts


Is it better to be vegetarian or nonvegetarian?

The vegetarian diet is the healthiest

Create four topic sentences for four body paragraphs. Keep in mind the following hints as you develop your topic sentences. A topic sentence:
Makes a mini-argument that supports the larger argument made in your thesis statement
Is the main idea that you will discuss throughout one single body paragraph
Is a single declarative sentence
Must directly support your overarching argument
Must be written in third person
NOTE: The second, third, and fourth topic sentences must also serve as transition sentences, creating smooth links between related mini-arguments. Make sure to underline the part of the topic sentences that is meant to be the transition.

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