The United States Police Misconduct

MICHAEL BROWN CASE P/O WILSON FERGUSON CASE —– Focus on how media made the case turn into police corruption, when in fact the officer was proven innocent and witnesses lied.

FREDDIE GRAY BALTIMORE POLICE CASE—- an on going case with no solid evidence that Freddie gray was injured by the baltimore city police. Focus on how the 6 officer being charged in not right, they all cant be accountable and that the media and bad apples in the community made the police look like villans, especially maryln mosby (baltimore sun paper might help).

LAPD Rampart Scandal— show this case as what it is, past police corruptuon, explain some of it as noble corruption if possible pretty much when police do something bad like plant evidence or lie on testimony in order to arrest a bad guy or get a conviction because although illegal they thing it is right by their personal moral code

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