The tour shall involve the following;

Families who agree to participate in this tour will be picked up at around 7. 0 am room the selected housing society, and will be taken to our resort called “Hillsdale Kendall” located at Kendall. 2. On the way there could be a short stop over at one or two locations of tourist interest, 3. The party will be scheduled to reach Hillsdale Kendall at around 1. 30 pm and a welcome drink will be served to the guests, followed by a Lunch. 4. The lunch will be followed by a short presentation of Holidaymakers Vacation Ownership programmers. 5. The presentation will be followed by family / children’s entertainment activities, and a Hi – Tea will follow thereafter. 6.

The party will depart back to Thane at around 8. 00 PM. As the bus has limited capacity we will be able to accommodate only a limited number of families of the housing society. We request you to let us know if any of the members of your housing society will be interested in participating in this complimentary resort familiarization tour. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, For JDK Holidaymakers Ltd. Iraqis Manger Coordinator

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