The Snake Charmer by Gerome

The Snake Charmer by Gerome.

-Introduce “The Snake Charmer” by Jean Gerome (title, artist, date, medium, any basic historical information)
-Summarize the major stakes of each theoretical perspective you choose (what is the main idea of this method? Who are the major theorists? If relevant, what is the context in which this theory arose?)
-Apply the theory to the artwork chosen artwork
-Cite at least two theorists by name for each theory

The structure of the paper :
Paragraph 1: Introduction to the artwork
Paragraph 2: Summary of theory A (Post-Colonialism theory )
Paragraph 3: Summary of theory A applied to the artwork (Orientalism)
Paragraph 4: Summary of theory B ( Psychoanalysis theory )
Paragraph 5: Summary of theory B applied to the artwork ( The gaze )
Paragraph 6: Conclusion with your reflections on using these dual lenses