The Simpsons: Overview

The Simpson or any other cultural reference, illustrate an application of the type of failure you have chosen. You may not choose the applications provided In the lecture notes or shown in class. Comment on ways that society attempts to Meltzer or eliminate the type of failure you have chosen. The Course Work project Is due to be handed up to me In my office on Thursday the 12th of January, 2012 between pm and pm. All parts carry equal marks. Word Count is a maximum of 1500 words. Please submit 2 typed copies. Assignment should be stapled in the top left-hand corner with no other binding or covers. The cover page should Include the name of the author, Student number, the type of failure you are examining, and an exact word count. Ensure the work of others is appropriately acknowledged.
This assignment accounts for 8. 3% of your overall mark in ICE 104. If you fail to follow these guidelines your assignment will not be accepted. Department of Economics Policy for Missed Coursework and Late Submission The Department to Economics seeks to operate a Atari policy tort all students attending in-class examinations on specified dates and submitting assignments on time. A fair policy starts with recognizing the consideration due to students who meet these requirements. 1. Missing In-Class Examination: 1 . A zero mark will be assigned where an in-class examination is missed without remission being granted. . Permission for Absence is only granted in exceptional circumstances (see point 3 below). 2. Late Submission of Assignments: 3. To be fair to students meeting deadlines, a penalty will be implemented for the late submission of an assignment. Where work is submitted up to and including 7 days late, 10% of the total marks available shall be deducted from the mark achieved. Where work is submitted up to and including 14 days late, 20% of the total marks available shall be deducted from the mark achieved. Work submitted 15 days late or more shall be assigned a zero mark.
Where feedback on assignments has been given by lecturers before this 2 week period, the lecturers will indicate the final date for the late submission, after which a zero mark is assigned. Please note the following: Saturday and Sunday count as 2 days. Late submission of assignments to either your lecturer or Student Services in the Department, can only take place during normal office hours (I. E. 9. 15-4. 30 Monday to Friday). Assignments will only be accepted when a Student Declaration form is signed and stamped by a member of the Department. 4. Assignments that are put under the door of the lecturer or

Student Services will not be accepted until students sign the declaration form and it is stamped by a member of the Department. Permission for an Extension is only granted in exceptional circumstances (see point 3 below). 3. Exceptional Circumstances 5. Permission for absence from in-class examinations or assignments and permission for extensions for assignments will only be granted in exceptional circumstances (I. E. Relevant illness, bereavement or other extenuating circumstances – please note holidays in term are not classified as extenuating circumstances).
Medical certificates must be submitted to Student Services in advance of the examination date/assignment deadline if possible or, at the latest, within 2 weeks of the deadline. Medical certificates will only be accepted after 2 weeks if an explanation is provided. Medical Certificates will not be accepted if your lecturer has given feedback on assignments. You are advised that, if necessary, your medical advisor may be asked to clarify your certificate. 6. The Examinations Committee of the Department of Economics will consider applications for permission for absences and extensions within 1 week of application.
Where permission for absence is ranted, the mark achieved for the subject in the Summer Examination (or equivalent) will be awarded for the missed in-class examination or assignment. For example, where a module has a course work component consisting of two in-class examinations counting tort each (I. E. Summer Examination; 2 coursework) and, due to exceptional circumstances, you are granted permission for absence from one in-class examination, your final mark will be based on 90% for the Summer Examination mark and 10% for the coursework component attempted. For some postgraduate modules and for the following undergraduate modules: (Checks,
Checks, Checks, Checks and Checks) the Examinations Committee may, where possible, arrange for an equivalent piece of coursework to be submitted. 7. Permission for absence is not granted for assignments (save in exceptional circumstances). An extension may be granted. The period of extension is normally 2 weeks. Where an extension for an assignment is granted, penalties for late submission will not apply for the period of the extension. Student Services http://www. USC. IEEE/USC/depth/economics/seductiveness’s/suffice/index. HTML Monday to Friday 9. 15-1. 00; and 2. 10- 4. Pm. Room 1. 02, Arras-An-Alai

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Homer’s Influence In the Simpsons

After viewing The Simpsons it has become apparent that the six key factors influencing homers overall health and physical activity play a big part in his life. Homer’s Heredity factors….