The Recruitment Strategy

Wilfredo Gonzalez External Hiring November 26, 2011 Human Resource Recruitment and selection – Fall 2011 JR smith would have an advantage when hiring an external candidate for the Fort Lewis office. This candidate should be someone from the area well verse of the military rules, the demographics. This candidate will go though the full and formal hiring process of evaluation. The external hiring process relies on the candidate’s performance during screening, interviews and assessment.
We have one current staff member that served in the National Guard for five years but only has a high diploma and another staff member that has fifteen years experience in customer relations but has never lived or served around military personnel. Therefore the candidate needed for the area of 19,089 people as of 2000, is someone who has military and civilian workforce experience, an MBA , and have strong customer service relations. The population of Fort Lewis in 2000 was 19,089 with a decline in 2010 of 8,043 in the amount of 11,046.
Race/ethnicity| 2010 population| 2010 percentage| 2000 population| 2000 percentage| 2000-2010 change| White| 7,538| 68. 2%| 11,537| 60. 4%| -34. 7%| Black| 1,253| 11. 3%| 3,882| 20. 3%| -67. 7%| Two or more races| 1,058| 9. 6%| 1,230| 6. 4%| -14. 0%| Other race| 433| 3. 9%| 1,189| 6. 2%| -63. 6%| Asian| 336| 3. 0%| 650| 3. 4%| -48. 3%| Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander| 258| 2. 3%| 342| 1. 8%| -24. 6%| American Indian/Alaska Native| 170| 1. 5%| 259| 1. 4%| -34. 4%| Total| 11,046| 100%| 19,089| 100%| -42. %| *Hipic origin| 1,800| 16. 3%| 2,507| 13. 1%| -28. 2%| 2010 population by race/ethnicity| | | | | | http://data. spokesman. com/census/2010/washington/cities/fort-lewis-cdp-wa/ Research shows that organizations that foster strong cultures have clear values that give potential employees to embrace the cultures. Therefore a person with military back ground will be able to understand the struggles of the potential employees and help them the training needed for future employment.

A strong culture may be especially beneficial to firms operating in the service sector sine JR smith are responsible for delivering the service and for evaluations important constituents make about this firm. Because research indicates that organizations may derive the following benefits from developing strong and productive cultures. It would better align the company toward achieving its vision, mission and goals. Give the employees high motivation and loyalty and it will help in shaping employee behavior at work, enabling JR Smith to be more efficient.
The goal of having someone that has the correct customer experience management is to move customers from satisfied to loyal and then from loyal to advocate. CRM strategies and solutions are designed to focus on the product, price and enterprise. JR smith focus for the future is through job training, pension and VA benefits consultation and resume writing services with full time agents. Therefore a canadite with the customer service experience and military background will be valuable to the company from dealing with personal from the military.
The fort Lewis area is made up of retired and transient service people ready to hit the work force but need a little help. A person with the expericance need for JR Smith management position will be able to guide them the right way with the back ground needed and degree. A person without the military back ground and only the degree will not understand the needs of the retired military personal. Reference Jean M. Phillips, Stanley M. Guly (2012). Strategic staffing. second edition, New Jersey: Person Hall education,INC. | | | | | | http://data. spokesman. com/census/2010/washington/cities/fort-lewis-cdp-wa/

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